Day 1,398 – Spread the Word

Dear Sobriety,

More texts to pass on and also, I’m kinda getting excited to hit the 1400s!!!! I still cannot believe it’s been this many ODAATs in a row!!


Got this from one of my AA buddies a long time ago. It lives on my whiteboard sobriety calendar that has been counting my days for longer than I’ve been sober. (There might even be knuckle marks in it from when I punched it after a relapse one time)
Thought I’d keep it simple today. Hope you all are having a meowgical day!!!! 😻😻😻


Three C’s

I first learned the “three C’s”while going through an outpatient dual-diagnosis program.  Dual-diagnosis is essentially when you’re not only lucky enough to have a substance abuse issue, but also have a mental health diagnosis tagged on to you (mine being depression and anxiety).
They’re applicable to nearly everything (especially things causing anxiety for me).

  1. Didn’t Cause It
  2. Can’t Control It
  3. Cant Change It

Let all those things that fall into these categories go! Except bills. Might want to keep paying those.

I was going to add a gif of Elsa letting it go, but I think this gif is absolutely perfect too!

If you’re curious, I go into more depth about the 3 C’s as well as the hula hoop rule in this post:

Hope you all are having a freaking meowgical day! Sending love and light!!

Day 1,167 – Vacation Day from Hell

Dear Sobriety,

It’ll be a miracle if we’re still talking later. I took the day off today to go for my annual primary care visit as well as a follow up from my neck doctor. I assumed I would be getting a blood draw, so prior to my 9:30a PCP appointment, I guzzled about 85 oz of water. (That’s 10 oz over my daily goal of 75 oz). I’ve learned it’s easier to draw blood from me when I’m water logged, so I make it a point to do this prior to every blood draw that I know about. Seeing as how I’ve had some white blood cell count issues, I’m used to the drill.

Also, you might need to know that most women will schedule one doctor appointment around the time of their period. That would be the OB-GYN because there’s going to be some action happening in that area and, for me, I feel better and less gross when she doesn’t have to deal with blood when she’s already dealing in my hoo-ha area. I do not schedule a PCP appointment around my period, so it was just dumb luck that I happened to be on it today.

9:27a arrive at PCP office, check in, update my insurance card on file.

9:32a go back to patient room, blood pressure check, chit chat with the overtalkative nurse going over my meds with me. I had my shoes off to get weighed. When I sat down after my BP was checked, I started putting them back on and the nurse told me that I need to keep them off and strip down to my panties and put the gown on that has been so nicely set aside. My first thought is, “wtf kind of appointment is this?” I had previously seen this doctor twice. Neither time have I been asked to derobe. I do it anyway.

9:38a awkwardly sitting on the exam table in the gown. Pain shooting through my body from my neck and trying not to bleed on anything.

9:40a it is so freaking hot in here and that is not helping at all. Start sweating and breathing erratically through my face mask.

9:45a hear someone making a phone call… is that… is that my doctor doing a telehealth call with a patient when I’m already 15 min over my appointment time sitting naked in her office trying to stop squirming and fearful there’s going to be a spot underneath me when I get up.

9:50a it is a Telehealth call. Oh that’s wonderful that that woman is a vegetarian. I have got to get up and move around. Stiffness is soaking in everywhere. I get up and rearrange my clothes that I had haphazardly thrown on the chair when changing into the robe assuming that the doctor would be in shortly and I sit on the side chair. No blood spots so far. Thank goodness it’s a light day.

10:00a F*CK THIS SHIT! I cannot breathe in this mask. The telehealth call is STILL going on. I give her 5 more minutes. Pain is literally shooting through my body. I’m don’t even want to amuse myself by looking through the cabinets.

10:05a I start putting my clothes on. Throw the gown on the sink where I got it. I have to get out of here. I cannot breathe. Everything hurts. F*ck this. I’m out. Dressed and out the door. No one notices. I’m 15 minutes into my drive home before I get a call from the doctor’s office. They must have noticed I left finally.

I’m so glad I left. I ugly cried the whole time home. I probably shouldn’t have driven at all. I was literally convulsing from how strong the sobs were being retched through my body.

Finally at home. Called mom and dad. First thing mom says is, “Do you want us to come over?” God I love my parents. Always there no matter what. They talked me off the ledge and I finally calmed down. The kitties got wet food and I’m about to head out the door for the neck doctor. If it’s anything like the PCP, there will most definitely be a part two to this.

Forgive me for the horrific grammar. I just needed to get this out.

Oh and just realized that I have been pushing out of my mind that my very favorite teacher in the world passed away from a short bout with cancer. She was such a beautiful soul.

Jeeze louis. Here’s hoping part two is much better than part one.

Day 1,009: Recovery Is Possible

Dear Sobriety,

Just popped on FB and saw that Laura Clery had shared a video, so I had to watch. She and her husband, Stephen, are always highly entertaining! I’ve been following her for quite a while before I learned that the both of them are in recovery. That made me love them even more because they still know how to laugh. Between them and Tiffany Jenkins, I’ve learned just how much I want to enjoy life. No. That’s not strong enough. How much I NEED to enjoy life.

I honestly never realized just how many amazing parts of my very own life I was actively not playing a part in. Alcoholic and pills were in the driver’s. I was just along for the ride. When I was finally able to exert some semblance of control (not the right word cause I’m never in total control), I then understood what I’d been missing and started getting depressed and resentful about it. If you’re at that point right now, take a sec to be honest. You can’t change the past. BUT by not using, you can create a hell of a better present and future.

Don’t let the past get you down. It’s part of what made you who you are today and I bet that person is pretty f**king awesome. Staying clean will only add to your brilliance.

Here’s a link to the vid, if you want to hear Stephen’s story. More than once I found myself within it:

Sending love and light to you all!!! Happy f**king Friday!!!!!! 💖💖💖

Day 893 – F is for Family

Dear Sobriety,

img_7101You never realize how much you rely on family until you hear from a random member and they say exactly what you needed to hear to help get your head screwed back on straight.  You also never realize that a lot of your nieces and nephews are adults until they start giving you advice.  LOL!  It’s the truth!  I got a message from one last night telling me exactly what I needed to hear to get over this hump.  And to let someone more important than me get on the pity pot for a while and I am so thankful!  On top of that, taking a minute to realize that two days isn’t too long to stay on the pity pot compared to the weeks and months I used to spend there drunk claiming that the world owed me something that I couldn’t figure out.  But dammit if it I didn’t know I was owed something.  Probably a good slap in the face to get me out of it, but even that wouldn’t have helped if I was drunk.  Then it would be pissed off and pity pot Monica and that is not a good person to be around.

Speaking of that person I used to be (and can still be from time to time aside from the drunk part today), I want to take a moment to make an amends to all of my ex’s.  I’m absolutely not going to contact any of them (especially the one with the restraining order verbiage that was added in our divorce decree at my insistence), but I feel like I need to take a minute to reflect on the fact that the cracks in the foundations of those relationships were not only their fault.  The fact that they were in a relationship with an undiagnosed, improperly medicated alcoholic (that’s me, guys) is my responsibility.  Do I know if any of those relationships would have gone any other way if I would have been sober at the time?  I don’t know, but I think the end result would have been the same.

img_7323What I’m trying to say is while I can’t take back the hurt and pain that I no doubt caused on many, many occasions and knowing an apology isn’t going to cut it for a lot of that, I can take today and not drink.  I can take this moment and be kind to others.  I can say my prayers tonight and ask the ol’ HP to pass on the message for me.  I can’t promise that I won’t be a raging b!tch ever again, but that’s just not possible, but with sobriety, I have learned to pause.  The newly acquired ability to pause has saved my a$$ on many occasions from digging myself a hole.

While it has been a couple of anxious and slightly depressed couple of days wallowing in my own ruminations, I don’t have to beat myself up for that.  I just have to pull up my bootstraps and move forward in a positive direction from here on out.  Stop letting fear control my life and just work on being a kind, decent person to others.  Do I think that a another day or two or more won’t ever come back and hit me like these past couple?  Ha!  I am most certain that it will.  Cause… that’s just how life is.  It’s not all roses and butterflies and kitty kisses.  Sometimes there’s cat barf and poop to clean up too.  But once you clean up all of that, the kitty kisses will be waiting for you.


Day 892 – Physical Pain

Dear Sobriety,

I think part of yesterday’s post was unknowingly written by my arthritic toe.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before in this platform.  I should give it a damn name by now because it has taken over my life more than once in the last couple of years.  Let’s call it… Hulk.  Cause when it hurts I usually want to Hulk Smash something.

maxresdefaultIt’s my big toe on my right foot.  Hallux rigidus is the medical term.  Here’s a magical link to a Harvard Medical School link about it.  The title of it is Big Toe Got You Down?  It may be Hallux Rigidus.  Doesn’t that sound like an amazing article??  It is.

I have had my fair share of pain in life which I think most of us can say the same.  But this toe… I’ve been getting cortisone injections in it for the past four years or so between two to four times a year.  About every three to six months give or take.  (side note: my little black fluff ball is currently standing over my hands while I’m typing this and now just stepped on my forearm… what an exciting life I lead!  Oh, she jumped off.  I swear that I must be made of trampoline fabric because of the springiness that she can get from me)

Anyway, so before my leave started, I was over the four month mark and starting to feel the pain to a point where I had begun icing the Hulk after work and soaking it in Epsom salts baths.  I usually do that when the pain begins to set in on a regular basis.  Well, by the time I figured I should go ahead and go to get an injection, my foot doctor was taking emergency cases only.  So this leave at home not going anywhere has probably been the best thing I can do for the Hulk right now.  I tend to get ~6,000+ steps during the work day, so while I may be at a desk job, there is a bit of movement involved in it.  Still, the pain has continued to increase and yesterday it rained all day.  It really is true when people say that they can feel the rain coming in their bones.  Yep.  I can do that now.  Notthor-ragnarok-hulk-banner-ruffalo exactly proud of it cause I’d rather Dr. Banner be hanging out with me instead of the Hulk most of the time.

So yesterday was a bit rough despite the fact that I was sitting for most of it.  There was a constant throb all day long.  It’s my big f**king toe.  It’s tiny!  Why in the hell is it so freaking painful?!

Anyway, so that’s that.  Another thing that has been on my mind lately is the phrase “if you spot it, you got it.”  Of course, most of the things that I “spot” are negative because who really thinks about themselves in a positive light the majority of the time?  So I’ve been comparing and contrasting things that I’ve heard, read, seen to myself because I keep finding other negative things to pull myself down with.  Imagine that?


Obviously having the mega combination of mental, emotional and physical health being out of whack at the same time is not going to be good.  Thankfully Friday I had gotten to my breaking point and called to make a telehealth appointment with my therapist before I go back to work.  My coworkers didn’t do anything to deserve crazy Monica come back instead of regular day Monica (I was going to put “normal Monica”, but I abhor the word “normal” on an average day and since I’m living in trifecta mode right now, I super hate it now).

I don’t know.  Most of this has become gibberish to me by this point, so I must apologize if you’re still reading.  This is literally finger vomit you’re getting at this point and usually when I do that, I don’t go back and edit anything.

Day 891 – Anxiously Awaiting…

Dear Sobriety,

My voluntary leave is up on Wednesday, so I go back to work on Thursday.  My anxiety has started.  I haven’t really had to deal with much anxiety since I’d stopped drinking.  At least… until COVID-19 began rearing its ugly head.

The week before I went on voluntary leave, I installed two news apps on my phone with notifications enabled and every time a live press briefing came on, whether for the POTUS or local government, I was watching.  My hands had gotten to a point where they were flaking away because of how often I was washing them.  When I ran to the store during lunch at work, I had chest pains and was so anxious that I almost vomited in the store.  I had to get out of there.  I felt like the world was crushing me.  I am not looking forward to work because a lot of people were joking about social distancing.  And the people joking about it always seemed to be near me.  In my space and even touching me.  I felt like everything and everyone was infecting me.  It took everything I had not to scream, “GET THE F**K AWAY FROM ME!”

Sure, maybe things have been blown a little out of proportion by the media (when are they not), but there are some people out here *raising hand* who really have been staying at home because they are fearful of this craziness.

My leave started March 19.  I have left my apartment three times since then and that was only because you can’t get cigarettes delivered.  I’d run up to the gas station, grab smokes and head back home.  Probably gone a total of maybe an hour in all.  Groceries and other necessities were delivered.  It wasn’t until I got home on March 19 that I realized just how debilitating my anxiety had gotten (blog here).

My anxiety is absolutely controlling me right now.  The fact that it’s already kicked up this far ahead of return is not helping anything.  The fact that the quarantine order is continuously being extended is not helping anything.  The fact that the voluntary leave that I signed up for because of the fact that it would not be considered against me on my employment record will now be counted against me if I’m not back before xx/xx date and am being encouraged to come back earlier than that is absolutely killing me.  I literally just want to sit here and cry because I’ve got six in one hand and half a dozen in the other.  You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.  Either my mental health is going to suffer greatly or my job is going to suffer greatly.

This is one of those moments where I just “want to go home”, but I’m 37 and am at home.  Here.  With me.  And the cats.  And no alcohol.  Damn I need an escape hatch right now.  I feel like I’m running away from a madman while running towards a cliff.  And now my parents are going to worry.  I can’t win for losing.

Also, does anyone else notice they obsessively post to social media on days they’re feeling especially sh!tty?



Day 866 – Three C’s with a Hula Hoop

Dear Sobriety,

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before (and I’m terrible at actually tagging what I write about), so I figure this is probably the best time to bring it (back) up.

The “three C’s” I first learned while going through an outpatient dual-diagnosis program.  Dual-diagnosis is essentially when you’re not only lucky enough to have a substance abuse issue, but also a mental health diagnosis tagged on to you.  Which, if we’re all being really honest with ourselves, can’t we all say that we’ve experienced depression, anxiety, mania, etc. at least one time in our lives?  I digress…

As I was still drinking while going through this program, I didn’t really apply the “three C’s” to anything; therefore, I was still angry (ie. afraid) at everything.  I popped the ie in there because I believe anger is a secondary emotion.  I digress again…

Let’s just get down to brass tacks, shall we:

The Three C’s:

  1. Didn’t Cause It.

  2. Can’t Control It.

  3. Can’t Change It.

I think I’m safe in assuming that most, if not all, of us are experiencing some sort of symptom that our mental health is not quite operating at optimum levels due to COVID-19 sweeping across the world.  The “Three C’s” help me, quite honestly, keep my sh!t together not just for day-to-day life, but also have helped immensely during times of extreme stress; therefore, assisting in lowering my anxiety levels and lessening my depression just by asking myself these three simple questions in regard to nearly any person, place, thing, event that is affecting my self-peace.

Did I cause this to happen?
Can I control what has happened and/or what is happening around me?
Nope.  (see hula hoop rule below)
Can I change what has happened and/or what is happening around me?
Nope. (see hula hoop rule below)

Pretty easy, huh?  I have to keep things simple for myself because otherwise, I will get all sorts of twisted up in the details and go down a hundred different tangents which seemingly always end in some sort of negative circumstance.  Never a positive outcome in this lovely brain I have.

So what’s the hula hoop rule because it looks like you’ve added caveats to control and change?

So glad you asked!  I know that I am incredibly anal and nitpicky when people ask me to do things and while I was typing this up, I realized that if I can find an “out” in an exercise I’m doing, then I betcha others can too.

Go get a hula hoop.  Go on… I’ll wait here.  Don’t have one?  No?  Well, I don’t either.  I think I left mine back at my parents’ house in 1992.  If you do have one, lemme tell ya, I am a bit jelly over here cause they help with core toning like you wouldn’t believe.  Now I know why I was so tiny growing up.
Since I lack time traveling skills, I think we’re going to have to use our imaginations for this one.  Please put on imaginative, extraordinary, extravagant, insanely complex looking, sparkly time traveling helmet and tighten chin strap.

Side note: I just had to ask Alexa what the diameter of an average hula hoop is for those of us who need to include more details for their imaginations.  She told me it is 40 inches (1.02 meters for the rest of the world).

Ok, so step inside your imaginary, rainbow colored, glittered, sequined, tiny cat shadowed, 40 inch diameter hula hoop.  Look at all the things inside that hula hoop.  Yeah.  That’s going to be just yourself.  Everything inside that beautiful, iridescent, hula hoop is what you can control and what you can change.  Everything outside that most magical of hula hoops is outside of your control and you are unable to change it.  Simple, right?  Yes.  It really is that simple.

That’s it.  Now you know the “Three C’s” and the hula hoop rule.  I’m not going to go into anymore details about them because, well, in my opinion, sure you could talk all day about each of these, but that goes back to adding nitpicky, anal details that are completely unnecessary.

Go out.  “Three C” and hula hoop rule the sh!t out of your life and witness your anxiety begin to lower if you really believe yourself.

Love you all!  Sending lots of kitty kisses and good juju out to the world!

Photo Cred: Amazon

Day 862 – Learning Something New

Dear Sobriety,

COVID-19 has affected nearly everyone around the WORLD.  If you aren’t infected by it or recovering from it, your lifestyle has been drastically altered because of it.  I know mine has.  This pandemic had increased my anxiety to a point where I felt like I was walking around in a haze with a brick on my chest.  The moment I decided finances be damned because me and my sobriety are worth more than a regular paycheck was the moment I was able to take charge and start being me again.  Sure, it’s just me in my apartment with my cats doing some creative accounting, reading, attending virtual all day AA speaker marathons (I’ll have info on that below) and following the CDC guidelines in order to hopefully slow this virus down.  But when I think of how that brick felt on my chest felt, do I need anything more than that right now?  I’m going to answer that with a vehement Hell no!  Like I’ve mentioned before and have heard many time over from others:

You must take care of yourself first before you are able to care for anyone else.

One other thing I wanted to mention to those of you quarantined with your partners: take advantage of this time.  Sure, you’re going to get on each other’s nerves from time-to-time, but doesn’t that happen when the world is operating “normally”?  Think outside of the box.  Here are a few ideas that I’ve used during past relationships:

  • Go for a picnic.  We’re all encouraged to get outside right now (and socially distance ourselves, of course), so go visit a park with a lake.  Take a picnic basket, camping chairs or blanket, a couple of books or camera or whatever you’d like and just enjoy the amazing nature that is happening outside.  It’s Springtime in the States, so birds are singing, trees and flowers are budding and while the humans are quarantined, the world outside is becoming more alive!
  • Take any ol’ game (poker, Twister, Battleship, Monopoly) and give them the adult twist by adding “strip” to the beginning.  Change the rules.  Make your own games.
  • Write notes to each other.  If you’re the early riser and get the coffee going, leave a post-it note on the coffee maker for your partner to see when they get their morning cup ‘o joe to start their day off on a positive note.  I was going to say “start their day off ‘right'”, but there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to start a day, in my opinion.  Leave a note under their pillow before you go to bed.  If you’re like me and can’t keep a secret to save your life, then when you two go to bed, you’ll be all smiles and giggles waiting for them to crawl in next to you and find what you’ve left.
  • If you need some personal space, communicate that to each other.  You’re only hurting each other if you’re sitting there seething about your partner being around “all the time”.  Communicate that, set either time boundaries or household room boundaries and quarantine yourself from each other for a minute and respect this time/space.  It’s not like you or your partner are really “going” anywhere.  Also, if you’re like me and you’re the one who requested the space, you’re going to manage to do this for five minutes before giving in and realizing how much you enjoy having that other person around not only to talk to, but just be with.

Enjoy this time and enjoy each other.

Back to sobriety… Check out this link ( for a whole slew of free, online speakers.  All of the zoom meeting info I’ll post in pics below may also be found there.  Also, all the zoom meetings I’m posting will be recorded and available at the link above for free.  Miss a speaker you’d like to hear?  It will be available.

This is an amazing time for people in recovery.

Be safe.  Be kind.  Be you.  Sending loads of love and good vibes around the world!  ❤


Day 860 – Voluntary Leave

Dear Sobriety,

It’s you, me and the cats now.  I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my place of business is considered “essential” which means I’ve been one of the still gainfully employed and working individuals out there during this insane time.  Today I made a decision.  I decided to keep my sanity.  Yep.  Because that’s what I felt this anxiety was taking away from me.

My work sent out a memo mentioning voluntary leave being available due to the county where it’s located currently being on the quarantine list.  I called HR to talk about it and get more info today.  I knew a little about it, but not everything.  After I talked with HR, I went over a list of my personal finances as well as a pro/con list and I decided to exercise the right to take this leave.  I truly feel that – while I may be a bit more strapped for cash – this was the best decision that I could have made for myself and I am incredibly grateful to have been given this choice by my workplace.


I’m not sure how my cats are taking the news that mom is going to be home a lot more for the near future, but we’re a family and family works together through good times and bad.  Plus, they know that I am the one who controls the food.  And she who controls the food controls their world.  And right now all of our worlds are in a safe, clean one bedroom apartment.

I know prayer and a belief in a HP can’t fix everything, so I am doing my part to take a step back and hopefully one less person out circulating in the world will help slow this virus down.

My hopes, good juju and love go out to all of those in the “real world” during this time of crisis!  Be well, be safe and take care of yourself first because without that, you can’t take care of anyone else.

Also, please keep in mind:



Day 859 – Not Sure How to Title This

Dear Sobriety,

It’s been a hot minute since I posted last.  Mostly due to laziness and not really feeling like I need to.  Part of my program of sobriety is writing and I’m grateful to say that in the past minute (months) there really hasn’t been much craziness which has inspired me to jump on here.  Oh how things have changed…

I don’t even know what I’m going to write about or if I’ll even post this, but I feel words coming through my fingers, so I shan’t stop them.

Whiskey.  Tango.  Foxtrot, my friends.  First of all, let me say my prayers and good juju goes out to all of those dealing with COVID-19.  Which, let’s just be honest, is all of us.  Also, as far as I’m aware, I am not physically afflicted with this, but damn if it isn’t on my mind all the time.  Aside from some pretty nasty allergies I’m dealing with, I’m physically ok.  But mentally and emotionally I am beyond spent.

I’m one of those people who tends to do well in times of stress.  I’m, on average, good at meeting deadlines and dealing with “fires” that pop up at work and at home.  My fight or flight response tends to lean towards fight, but only for myself and usually in an extremely logical and sound manner.  It’s almost like an invisible checklist is put in my head and I manage to go through the items in a calm and collected way checking each one off in the proper order to ensure whatever crisis is happening is taken care of in the correct order in order to achieve maximum success (or however you want to define it).  Mad props goes to my second ex husband for making me realize this.  Ever since then, however, (and especially since I’ve been sober) I’ve noticed a continued trend.  But… being this type of person is only good for short spurts.  Being on “high-alert” is only a positive for so long until it starts to viciously fight back at you.

I work for a company that is currently considered part of the “essential businesses” allowed to continue operations during this terrifying pandemic and right now I am having a terrible quarrel with myself over it because I’m beyond exhausted.  I’m absolutely grateful that I am one of the few who, today, still has a job to go to and money coming in the door.  At the same time, I feel so distracted that I know I’m not performing to the best of my abilities.  But then you go back to the fact that if I didn’t have work to keep me busy and out of my own head, I would essentially be forced to be my single, sober self in my home with two cats and a no other physical interactions with other humans for an undetermined amount of time.  So far, I don’t like how that last scenario plays out in my head.  I don’t think I would relapse, but I’ve also never been put in that situation yet.  Too many unknowns are flying all around that.

I had a panic attack inside the Wal-Mart last Friday.  I ran out to lunch during the workday and volunteered to see if any of the stores had hand sanitizer to refill the bottles at work while I was out.  Mistake.  I haven’t had a full on panic attack since before I got sober and I had forgotten how scary they are.  I walked in to the Wal-Mart and felt like everyone was going to jump on me and get me sick.  I swear everyone was walking straight towards me.  My chest tightened up and I started taking extremely shallow breaths.  I was terrified of breathing someone else’s contaminated air.

This all happened so quickly.  I was already feeling uncomfortable since I had gone through Target and another store to see if I could find any.  But this… this was a million times worse and came on so fast.  I ended up making only a partial lap through the store before I had to turn around and get the f**k out of there.  NOW.  By the time I was in the parking lot, the chest pains were terrible.

However, with the bad comes the good.  I was able to call my psych dr. and do a telehealth call with him immediately.  I explained what happened and he called me in a non-addictive, non-controlled substance prescription to take if/when these come on or before I know I’ll be in a situation like that again.  So I learned about telehealth calls and it was super easy.

I don’t know when things will be back to “normal”, but I could really use a break.  If anyone has any ideas on how to get your zen back in freakish times like these, I would sure appreciate any suggestions!

There is some good that is coming out of all of this.  I’ve heard that some smog has cleared and other natural things are getting a break from human waste.  Also, the telehealth thing is super cool.  But the thing that I have most needed and appreciated has been the amazing humor that has popped up all over!  Sure, this is terrible, but this woman still needs to laugh.

Here’s my fave.  Hope you enjoy!  Sending more love and good thoughts!