Dear Sobriety,

More texts to pass on and also, I’m kinda getting excited to hit the 1400s!!!! I still cannot believe it’s been this many ODAATs in a row!!


Got this from one of my AA buddies a long time ago. It lives on my whiteboard sobriety calendar that has been counting my days for longer than I’ve been sober. (There might even be knuckle marks in it from when I punched it after a relapse one time)
Thought I’d keep it simple today. Hope you all are having a meowgical day!!!! 😻😻😻


Three C’s

I first learned the “three C’s”while going through an outpatient dual-diagnosis program.  Dual-diagnosis is essentially when you’re not only lucky enough to have a substance abuse issue, but also have a mental health diagnosis tagged on to you (mine being depression and anxiety).
They’re applicable to nearly everything (especially things causing anxiety for me).

  1. Didn’t Cause It
  2. Can’t Control It
  3. Cant Change It

Let all those things that fall into these categories go! Except bills. Might want to keep paying those.

I was going to add a gif of Elsa letting it go, but I think this gif is absolutely perfect too!

If you’re curious, I go into more depth about the 3 C’s as well as the hula hoop rule in this post:

Hope you all are having a freaking meowgical day! Sending love and light!!

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