Dear Sobriety,

Yeah yeah. It’s been a while again. I know. We need to talk on a more regular basis, but to be honest, things have been going pretty steady. To be really honest, anytime I thought about writing these past few months, it was always regarding physical pain issues and I think you’ve heard me complain about that enough this year.

Anywho, Butthead’s work friends have a group text going where one of them shares info from an “awareness” month and I’ve invited myself in (cause I’m like that) and decided to volunteer since September is now Recovery Awareness Month. Woot!! A month all about me!!! Cause that’s who this alcoholic thinks about all the time, am I right?!?! I’m right. So I’ve shared with them what I fully intended to be short texts which were not because… writing always makes me want to write more for some reason (hence I’m baaaaaack!!). So I thought I’d share yesterday’s and today’s texts I sent. Figure I can do this and double duty it here. Writing is writing, right?


So Butthead has told me about y’all sharing fun facts and info about different awareness months, so I thought that’d share that September is now recovery awareness month.
Hi, my name is Monica and I’m an alcoholic. I’ve been saying that since I totaled my car and got a DUI in 2009 and had to go to court mandated AA meetings; however, my actual sobriety date is 11/16/17.
I love talking about recovery and all the amazing things I’ve learned, so I’ll try to pop a quick share of my experience, strength and hope sometime each day (that I remember 🤓) for this month.

Let’s start here:


Happy Winedown Wednesday!!! (I had drinking names for every day of the week cause that means I deserve it, right?!?!)

Sobriety, to me, isn’t just about not drinking or taking fistfuls of pills. That’s the easy part (tho it took a while for me to get that first part down). It’s more about learning how to be a better person to myself and everyone around me. My daily 2 step process. Step 1: don’t drink. Step 2: don’t be an asshole. If I can get through the day succeeding at both of those, it’s been a good day.

Probably the greatest gift from recovery I’ve received is acceptance. I could spend all day using just my past as an excuse to fall down into the land of relapse (where I lived from 2015 – 2017).
Luckily, I’ve learned that, while acceptance doesn’t mean I have to like some of the shit storms I’ve gone through; I do need to recognize that I wouldn’t be the the amazingly grateful woman I am today without all of the days prior.

Two of my fave quotes ever:
1) If you’ve got one foot in the past and one foot in the future, you’re shitting on the present. – Anonymous
2) The sweet aint as sweet without the sour. – Brian (Jason Lee) in Vanilla Sky.

Also, in all fairness another reason I did this is cause I popped the mobile app open and fully copy/pasted all that from text cause I’m not just an alcoholic, I’m also lazy.

2 thoughts on “Day 1,392 – Recovery Awareness Month

  1. Great to hear from you! 😃 I love your daily two step process and your quotes! I love that taking time to better myself, runs over to others in more ways than I ever thought for. I also was walking around feeling so guilty for drinking but just kept repeating the process. Not having that daily guilt has opened up my brain for so much more positive and happy thinking. Congratulations on over 1,300 sober days! That’s awesome! I’m still not completely sober however I feel proud of myself for how far I have come. I can go long periods without drinking and I keep making my times longer and longer! Glad to hear you are doing so well chicky!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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