Day 1,144 – Frustrating Frida

Dear Sobriety,

So we’re on day two of quitting smoking. And I put my patience level to the test. Oh and have I mentioned before that you never want to pray for patience because you’ll end up getting tested in that category and that’s never fun. Anywho…

I am a certifiable, self-admitted calendar nut. Hello! My name is Monica and I’m a calendaraholic. It’s so true. With today being 01/03/21, I know that the pop up calendar stores are offering at least a 50% discount on regular prices. Since Friday was 01/01, I assumed the store was closed due to the holiday. Saturday was shoddy weather in my area – let alone being quit smoking day one – so I nixed the plan to go to the store then.

Two of my calendars snuggling

This morning I woke up and went for my walk; got showered; put on decent enough clothes for being out in the public and I was off to get my 50% off calendar(s). I arrived about 10 minutes after the opening time I saw on the internets which was 10:00a. I excitedly walk up to the store making notice that there is absolutely no one around and also seeing that there are no lights on in the store. I pulled on the handle anyway. *ka klunk* It was locked. This is where I had a choice:

1. Get pissed off that this calendar shop was not open when *I* expected it to be based on the internets which obviously never lie.
2. Waste some time and try back again in an hour.

I chose option two. I ended up running around in the area and got some supplies to propagate my succulents that have been growing overtime since I brought them in. Ended up wasting an hour and was back at the calendar shop at 11:00a. I had checked the rest of the outlet mall opening time and 11:00a was the general mall opening time. There were more cars when I parked this time.

Empty mall walkways…

Once again I excitedly bebopped from my car to the calendar store. Lights still off. Did not try door handle and no, there conveniently wasn’t a sign posted with the shop hours. I did look around for that unsuccessfully. This is where I had another choice:

  1. Get pissed off that the calendar shop was still not open when *I* was ready to shop.
  2. Waste some time and hope that the third time is a charm.

I chose option two again. It’s an outdoor outlet mall, so I decided I would make one slow lap around the mall. I ended up stopping at a couple of stores along the stroll. Found Butthead’s Valentine’s Day present (can’t share it here tho – there is a chance he may read these – HI, STROOPWAFFLE!), got some more warm socks for winter walks/hiking and by that time, I had wasted another 35 minutes.

I had parked at the entrance closest to the calendar store to limit my probability of spending money unnecessarily. While my monetary goal had been blown, I gave the calendar shop one last look as I was walking towards the exit to my car… and … saw lights on. No people, mind you, but lights were ON!! So I slowly quickly walked (that’s a real speed) to the door and grabbed the handle once again… annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddd….

THE DOOR OPENED!!!! And it wasn’t just due to my massive Hulk strength either; otherwise, it would’ve opened when I tried the first time.

Dare I say… magical?

And here is my calendar store haul:
1. Texts from Mittens page-a-day
2. Work calendar/new mouse pad
3. Deadpool Monopoly
4. Unicorn Yoga puzzle
5. 2nd half to Butthead’s V-day present (FYI, the total for the two items together was less than $20, so stop freaking out about me spending money on you)

So yeah… I say all of that to say this, I could have used the frustrating situations as an excuse to either freak out or a reason to smoke, but I didn’t. And I’m kinda proud of myself for that.

Gold star goes to me today. Love and light goes to all of you.

Practice the pause. Deep breath. And remember that YOU are the one who is driving the choices in your life.

Who can say no to 50% off Deadpool?