Day 1,142 – Resolved…

Dear Sobriety,

Luckily for you, this post is not going to be about how to easily clean up cat puke using Resolve carpet cleaner (not a sponsor). Instead it is about the amazingness of the New Year’s Resolution. And I actually have a few this year.

I think last year I wrote about the fact that we all have this innate ability to make every day or even second, if you will, a chance to change ourselves for the better. I fully believe in this. Truly I do. I’m constantly adjusting things in and around myself in order to create the healthiest version of me that is possible. Ya know? Since I spent the majority of my life doing quite literally the exact opposite, I kinda feel like I’m behind on some things. But anyway… better late than never, eh? (To understand the last bit, you may need to use Google translate – not a sponsor – to swap that from Canadian to American – and yes, I said American and not English).

I digress… as per the usual.

So I once again this year got myself a nice, shiny, happy planner to assist me in constructing the most amazing, hilarious, sexxxxxxxxxy, bootytastic, magical and healthy verison of myself. If I haven’t mentioned, I have purchased a new and still unused planners for both 2019 and 2020. Obviously, I am hashtag trending not in the correct direction. In order to hopefully change that, I am writing it down to forever be saved within the endless depths of the internets to possibly held against me in court.

And here… we… go…

Gratitude Pic for 01/01/2021
  1. Walk four days a week.
  2. Do ten sets of up/down steps four times a week.
  3. Increase and track H2O intake.
  4. Take three gratitude pics a week (one completed for 01/01/2021 already! Woot me!)
  5. Write and/or journal with purpose twice a month (kept this goal low based on my historically spotty writing trends).

… I really don’t want to type this last one…



6. Quit smoking. F**K. Maybe the internet will explode and there will be no evidence? We can always hope, eh? (again, you may need the Canadian/American translator)

So when I started to actually stay sober after I stopped drinking for the last time on 11/16/2017, I told myself I’d quit smoking after a year of sobriety (fully expecting failure on my part, but actively trying just the opposite). That didn’t happen. Then when I got to a year, I told myself I would quit at two years sober… welp… by this time I had a wee bit of confidence in myself and my recovery and my HP (Higher Power for those that have just started reading – which, thanks for stopping by and I hope you’re enjoying the ride), but I still needed a daily crutch for life. I decided when I hit three years sober *gulp* that I would quit then. I actually planned a quit date for this past August and immediately gave in after about 12 hours (most of that being time spent sleeping)…

So here we are. Day one thousand, one hundred, and forty-two and still smoking, but with much more useful non-smoking coping skills. I think it’s time to put them to good use. Working from home hasn’t done me any favors. Over the early summer, I would sit outside nearly all day working and not even realizing I was smoking until I had to get another pack. That’s not healthy, folks. It’s just not. And I can definitely tell that I have been suffering both respiratorily (made that up) and pulmonarily (ditto with the fake word), let alone monetarily (real word) and mentally (also a real word).

Love this app!

Tomorrow is the day. 01/02/2021. I have high hopes and am armed with lots of my fave caramel apple suckers thanks to Butthead. He being a non-smoker fully supports this decision. My family fully supports this decision even though I haven’t mentioned what I’m going to be doing or rather… not be doing tomorrow (must use active language and not passive language when talking about this to more convince myself of my confidence level).

So yeah. That’s happening. I like this new planner because it has a section each month with write in goals and squares for each day so you can check off your goals. “Crossing” things off lists makes me happy.

Oh and I can’t remember if I told you all this or not, but early last year, I purchased a .pdf with 365 affirmation cards. I laminated them and have just finished cutting them all out. Yeah. That took a bit and Butthead even helped during one of his visits. So since I actually have them all cut out, I decided to pull an affirmation for today, so…

Miracles happen in my life all the time.

So true. If you’d like to get and cut out your own affirmations, here’s the Etsy store I got it from: TheDailyGoalgetter (not a sponsor). I highly recommend! You can purchase them precut, but I’m cheap.

Anyway, I think that’s all I got for now. Love and light and happy new year to all!

Affirmation for 01/01/2021