Crazy 8’s and a Spiritual Journey

Dear Sobriety,

Day 888!!!  Wha wha what?!  One of my favorite parts of counting my days sober on my calendar is watching them increase.  Maybe a little bit of pride popping out with that, but of course I’m going to be proud!  Today is now the longest length of sobriety I’ve ever been on!

60918720881__965a4e69-faaf-440f-9daf-b33cd948b59cSuper excited to share the Spirit Cats Oracle Deck I just received in the mail.  Art and wording created by Nicole Piar.  I’ve got pics of them scattered about this post.

First of all, what is an Oracle Deck?  Feel free to click on over here to see the differences between an Oracle Deck and a Tarot Deck.  I am by no means an expert in this area.  Here’s a quote pulled from the link above:

An oracle deck can essentially be whatever the creator of the deck wants it to be — they pick how many cards are in it, what sorts of imagery it’ll use, and what purpose it’s supposed to serve.

While I was bebopping around on Etsy one day I found the most amazing deck of cards 60918722085__051bc26c-1e63-41fe-8b7e-2fd84df10918with watercolor cats and beautiful sayings.  I knew immediately I had to have it, so I went ahead an put it on order.  A few weeks later they arrived in the mail and I definitely have no buyer’s remorse for this random purchase.  These cards are meticulously handcrafted and just looking at them makes me happy.

Why would I want an Oracle Deck in my life?  My plan for it was to shuffle the cards before drawing a random card to use as a positive focus for my day.  When I received the cards, there was a note inside with Nicole’s website and info to sign up for a free 13 day guided quest.  I immediately signed up for the quest #VisionSeekerQuest because, let’s be honest, I have no idea how to “use” these cards.

The great thing about Oracle Cards is that there is no wrong way to use them.  There are suggestions in the emails Nicole sends out on how they can be used and ideas on how to add them into your life.

I’m considering this “quest” a way to add spiritual journaling into my life.  Let’s face it, since this whole COVID-19 has started, I’ve gotten a bit lackadaisical on my spiritual side and I need something to get it pumped up to where it needs to be, so this is what I’m doing!

I want  to look at all of the individual cards on their own, but am saving that fun for day 14.  For now, I want every day to be a surprise.

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