Dear Sobriety,

If you’ve ever thought, “sobriety is never going to be as much fun as drinking,” I have got to tell you what I did last night safely from my quarantine of cats: watched a sober drag show followed by an online sober shadow cast perform Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Yep.  You read that right.  I stayed up until 2:30a this morning!  Good lord what an amazing time!  Kinda makes me actually want to get involved more in the YPAA (Young People of AA) community.

A lot of people would probably describe me as an extrovert, but really, I wouldn’t describe myself that way.  I’m much more of a homebody.  If I have a choice between going out and staying in, I’m probably going to stay in.  That is why I am loving the sober community right now.  I’m hoping that after COVID-19 gets under control that there will be just as much activity in the online world of sobriety as there is today.

There’s a conference going on this weekend hosted by WEBYPAAClick here for more info on that.  You dig deep enough into this pit of sobriety and you’ll start finding the gems that keep you coming back for more!  They did an amazing job with RHPS!!!!  I think the sky is the limit for this group of people!



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