Day 861 – Need Hope?

Dear Sobriety,

Just wanted to pop on here to share with you all my plan for the day. Mega AA speaker series all day today. This is a crazy time to be in sobriety. I know my head has gone down paths that it hasn’t in a bit, so I’m using my voluntary leave as an opportunity to get back to basics and ramp up my program of sobriety.

It’s been a bit since I’ve been excited about being sober. Sure, I’m content living this way. Most days I’m not resentful and most days I’m grateful that sobriety is a requirement for me to keep living; however, after a Zoom AA meeting yesterday, I started getting excited about sobriety again. And here’s my plan for the day! Feel free to join me!!

Sending much love and good vibes to you all out there!!

Monsy 💖💖💖