Day 860 – Voluntary Leave

Dear Sobriety,

It’s you, me and the cats now.  I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my place of business is considered “essential” which means I’ve been one of the still gainfully employed and working individuals out there during this insane time.  Today I made a decision.  I decided to keep my sanity.  Yep.  Because that’s what I felt this anxiety was taking away from me.

My work sent out a memo mentioning voluntary leave being available due to the county where it’s located currently being on the quarantine list.  I called HR to talk about it and get more info today.  I knew a little about it, but not everything.  After I talked with HR, I went over a list of my personal finances as well as a pro/con list and I decided to exercise the right to take this leave.  I truly feel that – while I may be a bit more strapped for cash – this was the best decision that I could have made for myself and I am incredibly grateful to have been given this choice by my workplace.


I’m not sure how my cats are taking the news that mom is going to be home a lot more for the near future, but we’re a family and family works together through good times and bad.  Plus, they know that I am the one who controls the food.  And she who controls the food controls their world.  And right now all of our worlds are in a safe, clean one bedroom apartment.

I know prayer and a belief in a HP can’t fix everything, so I am doing my part to take a step back and hopefully one less person out circulating in the world will help slow this virus down.

My hopes, good juju and love go out to all of those in the “real world” during this time of crisis!  Be well, be safe and take care of yourself first because without that, you can’t take care of anyone else.

Also, please keep in mind: